V75 generatorn

chatGPT helped me make a random number generator for V75. https://nooice.org/v75.html

Champagne delivery

Yesterday I got my 6 bottles of Champagne for Christmas and NYE. I hope they are nooice! Merry Xmas all!

Sick kids!

Today I’ve been home with sick kids. We built some Sonic Lego and played Luigi’s mansion 3 and Guacamelee! 2 (pic). Guacamelee! 1 i have finished some years ago and i remember it was dope. The sequel maybe even better. πŸ‘


Printed some pictures today. Some are presents I’ll give away and some i will keep for my mancave. πŸ™‚

BenQ Projector

Today i installed the projector to the ceiling. I found some old mounting brackets at work. Don’t bother with the other crap in the room. I think i will use this room for my amp and vinyl player as well. And also the beer calendar from toΓΈl arrived.

Drain well

After last years flood in the basement i gotta fix the drain wells. With this shit it won’t come water backwards in the drain well. The guys who renovated whole basement forgot it. πŸ€”

Sunday choirs

Today i assembled four shelfs i bought months ago. Finally getting it done. A garage full of boxes now need some sorting. Also cleaned the trailer that was muddy as hell. πŸ˜‚